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  • NFB documentary meets OF MICE AND MEN with unglamorous Toronto setting, patently honest ("The most uncorrupt movie in town" - Pauline Kael) yet also quite slick in its way: Shebib alternates big scenes with gentle montages set to music, the result being perhaps a bit vanilla, too straightforwardly blue-collar. Someone like Olmi would've found a touch of wonder or absurdism - but even the most transcendent touch here (the recurrence of Satie) is nakedly aimed at poignant point-scoring.

  • A simple story, simply, truthfully, and forcefully told... A great deal of the film’s enduring power lies in the sense of veracity they give it—in the unpolished performances by actors whose faces bespeak the city miles of working-class wear and tear, and in the presentation of crap bowling alley and car wash bottling plant gigs.

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