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  • Mizrahy doesn't dig deep enough into his subject. Composed mostly of complimentary interviews and archival footage, Gored considers Barrera from a distance. Interviews with Barrera, his wife, friends, and an old-school matador journalist, only scratch the surface... What Mizrahy finds on the surface, however, is often captivating.

  • Ido Mizrahy’s melancholy, effective documentary is as much a domestic portrait as it is a movie about bullfighting, as it reflects on the conflict between a man’s dreams of glory and his duty to his loved ones.

  • Barrera is not all that compelling a figure in terms of personality (he has a constant poker face), but what he does, and how he thinks about what he does, is what makes "Gored" so memorable... Mizrahy is not interested in weighing the pros and cons of bullfighting. He is more interested in examining the driven personality of a man who has spent his life caring only about one thing. It's not a particularly inspiring portrait, but it is extremely interesting.