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    Cahiers du cinéma: Jean-Luc Godard
    December 1963-January 1964 | Godard on Godard (p. 203)

    Shot on the old principle of one shot, one idea, Hallelujah exudes an aura of ingenuous freshness and crafty charm. Physical exertion rubs shoulders boldly with intellectual gags. One in a pocket, a drum majorette in the show. It is life according to Ramuz: 'It's like dancing. One loves beginning, a cornet, a clarinet, one hates stopping, one's head spins, it is night.'

  • Beard and Greenbaum are the world’s loudest silent comics and Mekas puts them through shambling but surprisingly snap-timed routines that teem with ingeniously cartoonish, bittersweet whimsy. These cinematic idiots savants, forerunners of the criminal duo in “Band of Outsiders,” come off as the self-aware worshippers of clichés that everyone else in their eccentric orbit lives out blindly.

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