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Hands of the Ripper


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  • Sumptuous as a Merchant-Ivory production and savage as one of George Romero's zombie movies, Hands of the Ripper mixes the strain of psychological horror evident in Hammer's filmography (Scream of Fear, for example) with the increasingly graphic levels of gore demanded by shifting genre tastes and enabled by loosening production codes.

  • HANDS OF THE RIPPER is assured, economical in composition and auteurist in execution... Innovative, fresh, and forward-looking (though critics have long harped on its contrivances because… I don’t really know why), HANDS OF THE RIPPER is intriguingly predictive, serving as a linchpin between Hammer’s earlier, black-and-white psychothrillers... and the 80s slashers kicked off by John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN(1978).