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  • Has's tight compositions convey the claustrophobia of the occupation and underline the film's theme: in an impossibly conflicted world there are no good choices, and every pathway leads to a different prison.

  • A devastating story of hidden wartime trauma among ordinary people.

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    Sight & Sound: Richard Porton
    October 30, 2015 | Gdynia | December 2015 Issue (p. 55)

    Has's vision is rigorously melancholy – victims and victimisers are equally scarred by the cruel legacies of both Nazism and Stalinism.

  • Has, whose passion was to make time vividly felt, moves fluidly between Felicja’s flight conversations and jitters and her reminiscences: In the latter, we see her as an aspiring ingénue, whose theatrical career dreams are interrupted when she falls love with a hapless conspirator and hides him from the Gestapo. Felicja pays a high price for her resistance work. Yet Has’s portrait isn’t so much heroic as it is a visceral, at times disturbing, investigation of complex desires and motives.