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I, Dalio (or the Rules of the Game)


I, Dalio (or the Rules of the Game) Poster
  • I, Dalio is a fascinating story of how a life on screen can portray a vast cultural history filled with shifting prejudices. Like Rappaport’s other video essays, it’s not necessarily an authoritative history, but a critical exploration that travels through a space somewhere between fact and fantasy. It’s a space that’s unique to Rappaport among video essayists, because it gives sanctuary to the suppressed voices and hidden truths behind the silver screen.

  • As in [Rappaport's] classic features Rock Hudson’s Home Movies and From the Journals of Jean Seberg, but this time with the use of an another actor who’s heard but not seen, Rappaport takes us on a fictional tour through an actor’s career, albeit one supported by a great deal of research and careful film-watching, that proposes some enlightening ways of reinventing how we watch movies, teaching and hugely entertaining us at the same time.

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