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  • What's crafted is an image behind traditional "psychological cinema"; what Andre Bazin has aptly called a "mode of being". For a film that never should have been I VITELLONI is astonishing in its daring and a must-see for any Fellini fan. As André Bazin has noted, "everything was already contained in I VITELLONI and set out there with magisterial genius."

  • I Vitelloni, a true gem among Fellini’s earlier titles, features tragicomically layered, circumstantially overlapping storylines for several of its main characters, all the while telling an ostensibly simple tale of how a motley band of “loser” buddies—the lover, the cheater, the intellectual, the jock, the aspirant—might very easily give in or fall victim to the existentially comforting gravities of their homey, hometown lives. Or not. For within escapism lies also, indeed inescapably, escape.

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