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  • [Cyop & Kaf are] up for matching the children's unbridled energy, but one remarkable long shot quietly traces the detritus of their path of destruction. When the fate of these trees is unveiled, Il Segreto becomes both a potent allegory about the anarchy of mob rule and a poignant depiction of a neighborhood traumatized by a cycle of poverty... An occasionally grueling portrait of rudderless youth evolves into a carefully structured socio-economic cri de coeur.

  • Whether we’re riding a moped through frightfully narrow alleys, watching kids climb walls or acrobatically shimmy trees down from upstairs apartments, or dance around the culmination of all that labor, Il Segreto is a sensorial knockout.

  • [The kids'] determination is rousing to behold (they’re so organized that they delegate responsibilities among themselves), and the climactic bonfire feels cathartic. Of the 14 movies I saw at the festival, this is the only one that makes me smile when I remember it.