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It’s Great to Be Alive


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  • The main interest lies in seeing how an all-female society is set up... The attire tends to be more practical in the post-male world, at least for the women who are stepping in as cops raiding a speakeasy (apparently even an epidemic couldn’t repeal the Volstead Act) and as street-cleaners and the like. Dorothy Burgess plays a gangster named Al Moran without a hint of mugging. The speakeasy itself looks, no doubt deliberately, exactly like old photographs of lesbian bars.

  • Slow to start, “It’s Great to Be Alive” profits from the presence of the acerbic character actress Edna May Oliver, in a role that requires her to be variously the world’s greatest scientist (at one point introducing a short-lived “synthetic man”) and the diplomat presiding over a world congress to decide Carlos’s fate.