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  • Lester must've been filming several songs a day, shuffling them past his multiple cameras (a strategy borrowed from his live TV background) and serving up largely static numbers that create movement by editing. This is the strategy used by every TV pop show presenting "live" performances at the time, but Lester freshens it by jettisoning continuity and rearranging his band members at will. The throwaway jokes are good too, and the lugubrious Seven make adept participants.

  • It's hard to asses this particular film's contribution to the whole of [Lester's] career and the influence he had on other artists, but there's no doubt that it at least prepared him for his later work with the world's most popular band. And if that's not enough of a reason to see it, then rest assured when this critic says you'll be twisting in your seat--in a good way, of course.