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  • None of the characters are scared enough of these dangerous creatures or intelligent enough to really try and stop this madness. . . . [Jeff Goldbum] talks about loving kids, but having divorced several times - he’s not a family man. That should be ok, because not everyone has to reproduce and be a dad, but the film makes him the lone voice of reason amongst the mad imperialists of humanity who want to cruelly rule over a species that already isn’t fighting fair.

  • Director Steven Spielberg’s mastery of special effects has rarely been more seamless (or necessary) than in this blockbuster about the blockbuster era; the moral is that the wonders of technology are best handled with care, and it’s buried in the filmmaking itself... Jurassic Park is, above all, tremendously fun, from the John Williams score to, yes, the chomping T-Rex. It’s the first of three Spielberg movies to make our list.

  • It now looks very much like a pivotal moment in Spielberg’s career—not just chronologically, or in its success, which was colossal, even industry-deflecting in reestablishing Spielberg as the titan of pop cinema and giving the CGI era its clarion blast. Jurassic Park is its own work of theatre and self-dramatization, paying tribute to the ageless wish to see something truly awesome and to actually satisfying that desire.

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