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Katzelmacher Poster
  • What struck me now—and also then [1977], I imagine—was “Katzelmacher”’s radicalism... In the context of 1977 and the avant-garde film scene to which I belonged, as well as the burgeoning punk aesthetic, “Katzelmacher” appeared at once cinematically raw and conceptually sophisticated, an example of both underground and structural filmmaking, an excitingly desultory Warholian reading of Brecht.

  • An important part of what makes Katzelmacher so exemplary in establishing Fassbinder’s style and vision, which he would then develop over most of the remainder of his career, is that even though the characters’ behavior tends to be stereotypical, the characters themselves seldom are. For all their crankiness and narrowness, they live and breathe, virtually glorying in their contradictions.

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