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  • Unlike so many restorations derived from worn release prints, this one is visually gorgeous. It’s mostly in black and white, though it has appropriate tinting for fire and night scenes. Neil Brand provides an excellent piano score.

  • There's some occasional silent-movie ham gesturing and mugging—a little goes a long way with a slab-like mastuff mug like Vanel's—but he also impresses in a knock-down fight with the hero, a sustained, brutal and bloody conflict which releases some of the pent-up frustrations accumulated during seven episodes of evil triumphant.

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    Sight & Sound: Michael Atkinson
    June 05, 2015 | July 2015 Issue (p. 99)

    This rollercoaster heartrender comes close to encompassing every serious melodramatic plot twist and convention you can name, but does it all with deftness, seriousness and a sharp sense of visual storytelling.