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  • Montgomery’s film of LADY IN THE LAKE, from the Raymond Chandler novel, is so notoriously unsuccessful in its use of subjective camera as a narrative device (throughout the film, apart from the first shot — even the opening credits seem to be a POV shot) that there doesn’t seem to be anything new to say about it, unless we try to situate the problem elsewhere, invent or discover ways in which the approach ISN’T misguided and distracting, or just wallow in the weird effect the film produces.

  • Burdened with lighting that’s too even and mostly unimaginative compositions, Lady in the Lake often feels like it’s simply squatting down while a succession of likeably but unavoidably B-tier actors hector and interrogate us... All that said, it would be uncharitable to dismiss such an odd experiment as a simple failure. Lady in the Lake deserves credit both for its atypical degree of self-consciousness and for the occasionally innovative moments produced by its extreme technique.

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