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  • The relative craft and efficiency of the other two are expended on ideas and emotions that seem to me ignoble, and they’re fashioned without love or imagination. This movie, for all its confusions and unevenness, still has some lasting traces of conceptual charm and evocative fantasy. (At its best it comes closer to The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T. – a calamitous flop back in 1953 that I’ve cherished for 40 years — than to any action-adventure blockbuster that comes to mind.)

  • It’s a mutant that can’t be categorized, both a straightforward action movie and a Joe Dante-style gag-a-minute fantasy. It doesn’t make much sense. It’s the only truly funny comedy of Schwarzenegger’s career, and it’s overtly about Schwarzenegger, and yet none of its best jokes are related to Schwarzenegger’s screen persona. At times, it’s brilliant and demented.