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  • Letourneur takes very careful precautions never to put herself on the line, unless one were to find her crush on Garrel quite outrageous. This willingness to distance herself from the emotional pitfalls she's set up separates her from genuinely brave artists like Hong and Dunham, and the outcome is a passable yet essentially hollow insinuation of the lives of women.

  • Her 2009 movie, the extraordinary La Vie au Ranch, didn’t dissect twentysomething females à la Girls so much as let audiences observe its characters acting like real young women; this follow-up grafts its heroines’ uncouth behavior onto a weak satire of hedonism and high-school cliquery on the festival circuit yet, crucially, forgets the honesty. Programmers and critics will giggle. Civilians may want to wait for whatever’s screening next.

  • Along the way, [the main characters] adorn their observations with a tooth-tingling array of Franglicisms (“cupcake,” “glamour,” “see you soon,” and, best of all, “la life”). Much of the action is displaced to Facebook and text messages, and the conspicuous dubbing of voices throughout gives this vertiginous, documentary-style comedy the air of a live-action cartoon.

  • Ms. Adler and Ms. Letourneur are gifted at minutely observing seemingly banal social snippets from a certain kind of boring literary or film party filled with free cocktails, unrestrained egos, leftover grudges and inappropriate flirtations... Yet, while it may not always be satisfying to attend these soirees, when presented with the talents for repetition and juxtaposition of precise details demonstrated by Ms. Letourneur and Ms. Adler, these social customs are fascinating to observe from afar.

  • This satirizes the film fest experience, with in-jokes sure to tickle world cinema enthusiasts, and Letourneur revels in the wild partying and shameless philandering that takes place after all the serious movie chatter dies down.

  • Consistently amusing and often blissfully silly, this comedy travels dangerously insular ground... But Ms. Letourneur has such a light touch, as well as real formal ambitions and such a generous attitude toward her characters that the movie eludes any inside-baseball traps.

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