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  • Calling back in tone and style to early 70s experimental computer cinema, like Lillian Schwartz's Bell Laboratories 3D masterpiece UFOs, and in form to 1930s animation like that of Oskar Fischinger (from whom its soundtrack creation is also inspired), the film with a giddy, burbling energy goes back even further, literally creates a cinema of attractions: the entire theater space itself is transformed from simple flat screen into a beaming, bouncing animated show of light.

  • Let Your Light Shine, Mack’s shortest film and the one least obviously connected to the thematic points illustrated above, is one of the greatest avant-garde works I’ve ever seen for the simple reason that I’ve rarely seen images so sublime. A three-minute “photokinetic stroboscopic spectacle” comprised of simple white-on-black animation and designed to be seen wearing special glasses, it’s a film whose greatness I can’t begin to describe here.

  • Within the visual narrative routes of the Avant-Garde, at a first glance, the fireworks of Mack simply deliver a good time of aesthetic pleasure, the “kitschean” images of her found magazine pages, blankets, knitting patterns, encounters with light and such, provide the viewer with a good show, in moments somewhat reminiscent of some late 60′s rock show psychedelic shows.

  • Viewed through [3D] lenses—which themselves couldn't possibly serve any practical purpose besides bedazzling to death any and everyone who wears them—the white curves' bottled up spectra combust and fire off in every direction, the ROYGBIV clones clouding and overwhelming our vision, simply because they can; or, better yet, because we need them to. This is color and spectacle for pure, intoxicated consumption, replicating and zooming out for us faster and faster but always never fast enough.

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