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  • Argentine director Edgardo Cozarinsky’s “Letter to a Father” does not address his sexuality, but it’s a deeply personal film in all other respects... While “Letter to a Father” is a more conventional documentary than many of the films in “Art of the Real,” it follows a distinct path.

  • Letter to a Father is at its best when it feels like its name: a handwritten document passed between the closest of kin. Within this framework, the sequences in which the filmmaker languidly shuffles through gifts and illustrated postcards that his father sent back from the most exoticized locales tell us more about how the past relates to the present than any juxtaposition of film footage could.

  • One of the strengths of Letter to a Father is that, like several of Cozarinsky’s films, it shows an active imagination scanning over and sifting through a particularly tumultuous period in world history: guessing, making inferences, tracing out possibilities, worrying over loose ends.

  • Like the best essayists, Cozarinsky is not willing to placate his audience with facile explanations. His father’s essential unknowability is, paradoxically, the key to the film’s allure.

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