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  • While Looking: The Movie isn't as astonishingly fine as Looking the series, there's enough greatness in it to make fans (we're out there!) agonize anew over the fact that, yes, this time it's over for real.

  • If the movie, written by Haigh and series creator Michael Lannan, seems slight at times, in particular as it reduces Richie's boyfriend, Brady (Chris Perfetti), to a smug caricature, its depiction of a life at loose ends is nonetheless affecting, built from the naturalistic precision that's defined the series from the start.

  • The show was cancelled, but, in the glorious tradition of Derek, granted an epilogue movie. So it’s a question for us, too, is it good to be back, and the answer is no, it’s kind of disappointing. Looking: The Movie is a beautiful finale, but what kind of a sadist resurrects a cancelled show just to end it for good?

  • There are various shots in Looking: The Movie where Haigh’s camera fixates on Patrick dancing comfortably and confidently, either alone or with his friends, to Britney or to something else, just swaying his body and head back and forth as he wears a grin, eyes closed. These are beautiful moments and feel all the more powerful coming weeks after the Pulse massacre in Orlando... Looking: The Movie is a romance film, but it’s also a celebration of this, of messy, confusing, and loud gayness.