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  • Ben Palmer's Man Up's Lake Bell and Simon Pegg are charming and well matched as a couple who fall in love over the course of an action-packed day, but a corny, heavy-handed script makes it much harder than it ought to be to care whether they wind up together. Quick-paced, quippy dialogue aims for screwball sass and sizzle, but doesn't quite hit the mark.

  • It's a rom-com that knows it's a rom-com and can't stop talking about it. Hence the apology. Starring Lake Bell and Simon Pegg, a basically unlikeable pair, the movie is about as interesting as listening to someone talk about how much they love cheesy romantic comedies. There are a few laughs, but it's not fun or funny enough to justify its dedication to the worst aspects of the genre.

  • For viewers still waiting for the indefinitely delayed third “Bridget Jones” film, Ben Palmer’s easy, breezy romantic comedy “Man Up” offers a pleasant sense of deja vu: Not only does it trail the romantic misadventures of a klutzy London singleton, but gives a deft American actress an endearing Limey makeover in the process.

  • [Pegg is] absolutely fine here, but the movie hangs on Bell, and she wears it tremendously. A gloriously charismatic, funny, and warm presence, it’s a treat to see Bell headline a picture that provides ample opportunity to charm. Man Up isn’t perfect, but that’s a minor detail when you’re dealing with major talent. It could be love, actually.