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  • Part of the appeal of the movie is its faux naïveté. It’s a first-person story that’s filled with the interior monologue of a smart and perceptive middle-class suburban girl who’s distinguished from her classmates by the fact of never having had classmates. She was raised in Africa and home-schooled by her zoologist parents; through her eyes, the unexceptional appears strange and novel. It’s [a conceit] that depends on an anchoring star who is, in effect, the Jamesian central consciousness.

  • Fey drills down into the ways in which young women gain and maintain power within both the ever-shifting sands of high school popularity and the relentlessly image-obsessed culture fed to them by mass media. Mean Girls allows itself a bit of speechifying about the self-destructive impulses behind the girls’ endless name-calling and back-biting, but the most satisfying moments come when Fey allows us to see the subtle cracks in each character’s fastidiously maintained façade.