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  • Visitors can marvel at the artifact's corny/awesome music , inept acting, ham-fisted anti-drug message, and unconvincing fight scenes.

  • Kim has some funny ideas about how people interact—a game of keep-away with a letter here has the same male-bonding spirit as The Room’s tossing-the-ol’-pigskin horseplay—but mostly, his relentless positivity rules the day. His ideals are as inviting as the ’80s cheese.

  • Miami Connection has more than its fair share of lopped-off heads, slow mo, and fake blood, but even its most gruesome fights are propelled by a sense of justice, by the strongly held notion that good guys not only can, but must stamp out evil whenever they encounter it. Righteous dudes in more way than one, our heroes treat this ostensibly simple idea as an existential imperative.

  • Laughable in many respects, the film's off-the-walls insanity stems from the combined naïveté and earnestness of its creators, who seemed intent on fusing many popular trends of the day... Love it or hate it, it's doubtful you'll ever forget it, and it may just force you to redefine your definition of what constitutes "good" cinema.

  • [It's] one of the greatest bad movies... The film sets the bar for crap astronomically high from the outset: set not in Miami but Orlando, it concerns a cocaine-smuggling ring orchestrated and enforced by ninjas who must do battle with the good guys, a collective of taekwondo students who moonlight as a synth metal band with songs about friendship and martial arts. If you made it to the end of that sentence without wanting to see this movie as quickly as possible, what is wrong with you?