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  • A great performance in search of a movie. Central relationship compels but all attempts to "raise the stakes"—via Michael Caine slumming it as a generic smooth baddie; via a climactic revelation that seemed patronizing in its gotcha-ness even a quarter-century ago; via the usual Hail Mary barrage of violence—fizzle, leaving the impression of a gentle character study that devolves into a bad erotic thriller.

  • Director Neil Jordan (Danny Boy, The Company of Wolves) does a good job of re-creating the dark romanticism of American film noir, and if the project does feel a little like a hand-me-down, it is graced by Jordan's fine, contemporary feel for bright, artificial colors and creatively mangled space.

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    Sight & Sound: Philip Kemp
    June 05, 2015 | July 2015 Issue (pp. 94-95)

    Suffused though it is with Neil Jordan's wistful romanticism, Mona Lisa also has humour, often sparked by the woeful lack of social skills displayed by Hoskins's character George.

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