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  • Mouton performs a certain trick as its narrative cruises past this opportunity for rubbernecking to continue in unexpected ways...

  • With Mouton, Marianne Pistone and Gilles Derroo use a fait divers from tightly knit a Normandy fishing town for the film’s wafer-thin plot... and in doing so craft a subtle film that distinctly works in the tradition of the 1970s “neo-naturalism” of Pialat, Doillon and Goretta.

  • Thought it was going to be Sling Blade, but it's actually Bruno Dumont whose shadow looms large over this odd rural drama. Wouldn't dream of spoiling the plot - best to go in cold - but the first half is shot in standard Euro-arthouse style (an extended shot of a man picking sand out of his toes, etc) while the second has some daringly vague passages (the camera seems unmoored, like it's got other things on its mind).

  • ...Each scene is invested with an interrogatory naturalism that seems to be imploring just what, exactly, one should be looking for, only to dissolve and leave in its absence the sense that in searching one may be missing the plenitude of the moment. Call it narrative fleecing.

  • In tone, style, and subject matter, the first half of the film plays like a now-familiar post-Dardennes tale of proletariat struggle. And while a fine example of that particular mode of storytelling’s realist intrigue, Deroo and Pistone swiftly expand the coordinates of their narrative.

  • Due to its localisation in working class Northern France, and its commitment to realism, Mouton has elicited comparisons with early Bruno Dumont’s films. Yet the radicalness of Deroo and Pistone’s structure, the random and elliptical quality of the events they capture, the use of repetition in the voice over at the juncture between the two parts, give a markedly original flavour to this chronicle of an invisible life.

  • In their remarkable debut, Gilles Deroo and Marianne Pistone structure a multifaceted narrative around the minutiae of daily life, where a reflexive quality turns even the most everyday routines into intimate life-affirming moments. The filmmakers create an atmosphere where sights unseen and sounds unheard interconnect with the action presented on screen...

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