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  • Set extensively on Taiwan’s Lyudao, a prison island with strong metaphorical resonance, the film represents an impressive comeback for Macanese actress Isabella Leong with an engrossing emotional arc, though its magical-realist touches, including phantoms and mermaids, are a tad forced.

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    Sight & Sound: Tony Rayns
    June 05, 2015 | Hong Kong | July 2015 Issue (p. 17)

    The film's structure is a little overcomplicated, but it makes its points about failed parenting and damaged lives with real emotional clout.

  • This fluid-but-conventional drama is the kind of movie that’s carried mostly on the strength of its grace notes.

  • With this deft, clear filmmaking that weaves serenely if not quite convincingly between the art-house and the multiplex, Murmur of the Hearts glows fine and full of characters who think and feel and whose storyteller treats them with intelligent, attentive empathy.

  • Sylvia Chang’s newest film is the illustrious actress-director-writer-producer’s best since Siao Yu (1995). Murmur of the Hearts is a sophisticated family drama whose emotional force sustains a narrative of ambitious power and range... Murmur of the Hearts’ gorgeous cinematography and lush soundscape create a palpably beautiful environment of nostalgia, longing, and mystery where past, present, fantasy and reality mingle to impressive effect.