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  • Possibly the most complex element of Finding Frances has to do with an unexpected side-plot involving Nathan's growing "relationship" with Maci, an Arkansas escort. This is television that looks like social realism but is a Hall of Mirrors that would keep the late Erving Goffman up nights, trying to do the math.

  • If “Finding Frances,” the finale of Nathan for You’s fourth season, winds up being the show’s last episode, that’d be fitting, because what else could Nathan Fielder possibly do? The episode was a hair-raising 90-minute adventure, but also an amazing example of a program tweaking its format on the fly, mutating from expert reality-show pastiche to detective-story psychodrama. It was funny, but it was also the sort of bizarre, stranger-than-fiction character study you’d expect from Errol Morris.

  • My new favorite exploration of love. . . . I find the final scene in this episode—and I don’t think I’m giving anything away—to be utterly remarkable. I guess you could say that it breaks the fourth wall. But I’m not sure that there’s a fourth wall to be broken here. We’re so far into a bizarre, constructed realm that, when the camera pulls back and we see everything as a kind of set, as a TV show which is being filmed, it has a destabilizing effect. We knew it all along. Or didn’t we?