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  • Although named after and set in a proverbially flat English county, Martin Radich's claustrophobically overwrought Norfolk is one bumpy, lumpy ride. A British counterpart to recent Deep South intergenerational coming-of-age mood-pieces like Joe and Mud, its intermittent flashes of inspiration aren't quite enough to properly sustain a feature-length narrative.

  • Detailing the fallout between a vengeful rural mercenary and his more idealistic teenage son, Radich’s second official feature has queasy atmospherics to spare and a stony human center in the improbably but compellingly cast Denis Menochet.

  • Although not entirely successful, both [Blood Cells and Norfolk] – along with Andrew Haigh’s more subdued and effective 45 Years, which ultimately won the award and was easily the high-water mark of the domestic programme – at least felt like works with some cinematic backbone; films engaged with the ineffable strangeness of British rural landscapes and the people crossing them.