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  • A pretty good caper comedy for 11-year-old boys — heist thriller would make it sound too ambitious... As a serviceable empty-headed entertainment, possibly even more sexist than the original (with Julia Roberts replacing Angie Dickinson as the female object — she can’t exactly be considered a character), it consolidates Steven Soderbergh’s cultivated new profile as a compliant and competent industry hack...

  • Their plan is so convoluted that I'd forgotten most of the details, so it was superficially engaging all over again.

  • A casino heist flick modeled on the starry and synthetic thrills of Vegas. . . . The comparison to The Fast And The Furious series (especially the later entries) is obvious here, too, though none of those movies are this breezy, witty, or well-acted, Don Cheadle’s accent notwithstanding. What struck me the most was Soderbergh’s minimalism, and the way his minor trims to Ted Griffin’s screenplay—a visual gag here, some dialogue there—create a more fluid and controlled whole.