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  • Something of a manifesto for this director, but also a case where he's so caught up in meta-layers (and form) that it doesn't leave a lot of energy for characters. Essential for Hongists (Hongers?) but slightly dull; needed way more funny lifeguards going "I will protect you!".

  • What is this first narrative? Does this mean it’s all a flashback? Or are these the films being presented in that student film festival? If all the stories are “directed,” who is saying what about each? Had Hong placed the first story last, Oki’s Moviewould actually be conventional in a way. Instead, Hong throws us on one foot to start with, crafting his casual tale of relationships, jealous and pathetic men, and women who can’t help but find themselves attracted to them...

  • ...Even as he undermines his own meticulously constructed artifice, Hong only attests to that artifice’s insight and power. From behind his veil of irony and deceptive self-confessions, Hong clearly regards cinema as a profoundly moral instrument; not merely a narrative ploy, his reflexiveness is a means of widening the film’s sphere of implication.

  • The intertwined complexities of the artistic life, the university life, and love life are held together tightly by Hong's astonishingly rapid and precise technique. His ever-so-slightly heightened way with performance and gesture is brought to the fore with a remarkable panoply of visual methods. Especially sharp zooms and pans, which have the graphic precision of a pen stroke on paper.