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  • For better or worse, one never has to wait more than a few months for the next Takashi Miike picture. Over Your Dead Body is one of his amusing mediocrities, and boasts a striking similarity, in its willful confusion of real life with rehearsals for a play, with Olivier Assayas’ Clouds Of Sils Maria. The buildup is fairly tedious, apart from some striking set design... but the Grand Guignol finale is a fair bit of grotesque fun.

  • Over Your Dead Body will certainly appeal to Miike’s hardcore fan base, for his technical mastery of blood is on display throughout. I must admit that my interest in this sort of thing only goes so far, though I find the production model he’s developed to be quite fascinating.

  • [In the cinema of Takashi Miike,] you never know what to expect going in, and often what to expect as the film unfurls. His tidy, arty horror-theatre film here, the neatly titled Over Your Dead Body, kept me off-guard for nearly its whole, brief length. I felt like I never had ground to stand on, it so immediately moves from opening scenes of a fucking couple to that couple splitting to go to work on dress rehearsals for a play of a ghost story...

  • Half the film is a gorgeously shot dress rehearsal of the play in a stylised period setting on a state-of-the-art rotating stage, while the other half shows more or less the same drama unfolding in Miyuke’s elegant, minimalist home – and these two parallel narratives bleed into one another in a deeply irrational manner, blurring the boundaries between theatre and film, antique and (post)modern, actor and character, the living and the dead.

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