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  • Director Julia Murat (whose Found Memories I didn't make it to the end of; this seems like a huge leap forward) evokes mystery from elements that are ultimately revealed to be rather mundane, a strategy that's at once pleasing and frustrating; certainly I wanted to know more about the "Line Project" of 2004, even as I theoretically admire its metaphorical function.

  • Visual motifs and avant-garde fixtures pretend to obscure a digestible storyline concerning two artists in relation to their craft, success, and each other.

  • Eroticism often divorces women of their humanity, conforming them to depressingly typical masturbatory fantasies, while the eroticism of Pendular connects us vitally to Alice's total essence as a person in transition. Murat forges an alternate cinematic dimension, a living canvas-as-habitat that intoxicatingly affirms her humanism.

  • A very solid film tracing the arc of a brief romance, Pendular is a bit undone by an overly insistent, controlling metaphor, one that weighs so heavily on the narrative that it threatens to wear a groove in the floor.

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