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  • Love the sped up momentum of the last few seconds, as the title cards rush up on you, which leads in to the same clenched-heart moment that comes with so many early ‘30s German movies, when you realize how completely doomed almost everyone involved would be in a few years time.

  • ...A breezy, comic, yet documentary-inflected narrative about a group of Berliners on a weekend outing. In its use of non-actors, in its casual approach to storytelling, in its sensual directness, and its almost anthropological take on its time and urban setting, People on Sunday is seen today by scholars as a forerunner of both Italian neorealism and the French New Wave.

  • The mark of a professional is reliability; the talented amateur delivers wonders as happy accidents but lacks the technique to be malleable or, for that matter, predictable. An amateur is a force of nature, which is why a satisfying performance by an amateur is overwhelming and awe-inspiring, as seen in the 1930 silent film “People on Sunday”.

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