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  • Despite that thematic potential, Q is mostly a good-natured lark that's only occasionally energized by the director's characteristic social outrage and despair, and so it pales in comparison to Cohen films as deranged and provocative as God Told Me To, It's Alive, or even the goofy The Stuff. Q feels slight and sketchy in relation to those other films, and it tends to stall when Moriarty isn't on screen performing his one-of-kind mixture of satirical, self-amused, experimental vaudeville.

  • The Claymation F/X (not to be confused with Cohen's "Special Effects") are charmingly dated, even as a low-budget throwback to '50s and '60s monster movies, but what makes this B-movie transcend its schlock value is its believable, gritty characters, and especially Moriarty's eccentrically unhinged, heavily improvised performance.

  • It’s a doozy... More than a mere monster potboiler, it bristles with thematic preoccupations of paranoia and features Mr. Moriarty’s eccentric piano stylings.