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  • This emphasis on the absence of meaning in language is an earnest critique of aspects of America’s culture; of the views and values, prejudices and hegemonies in these societies. The dialogue in the films of the Coen brothers offers insight into dominant ideologies, endeavoring to examine how language works to maintain certain standards and beliefs.

  • Still the Coens’ masterpiece — their funniest movie, and quite possibly their most poignant as well... Amid all the stylization and the breakneck pacing and the rapid-fire dialogue, this is a heartbreaking story about two desperate people trying start a family and become part of something bigger, more noble. We can’t resist the delightful chaos of Raising Arizona, but once the ride is over, what resonates most is the characters’ deep yearning for love.

  • While The Big Lebowski is the Coen comedy that has spawned a cult following and seems to be endlessly quoted, Raising Arizona is, at the very least, that film’s equal in terms of memorable characters and comic moments. The big difference is that The Big Lebowski ambles along at a pace as chilled out as its spaced-out titular character, while Raising Arizona is a film with constant forward momentum and seemingly boundless energy, a Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes cartoon come to feature-length life.

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