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  • Cowriter-director Gilles Bourdos unfortunately reduces these titanic historical figures to fit this soporific biopic’s cardboard melodramatics. Father and son glibly debate politics and art, Andrée throws several scenery-chewing temper tantrums, and a number of hindsight-20/20 exchanges (Jean is condescendingly told, “Cinema isn’t for the French”) pander to viewers who’d rather snootily giggle at the past than grapple with it.

  • Renoir's set piece shows the artist working on a canvas, with Mark Ping Bing Lee's camera gliding to models in soft focus, a kind of live-action impressionism and a new take on the familiar Bathers. Wisely, director Gilles Bourdos keeps the pace slow, what with all the tensions beneath the surface: Oedipal conflict, career choices, even class struggle.

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