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  • The movie is a shrug that expects to get by on charisma. It’s flirting with political provocation and wimping out. The applause when it ended on Saturday afternoon was as much for Lacôte’s promise (he and his cast were also in the house) as it was for the possibility of Ivory Coast making its way onto the world’s filmmaking map.

  • The film starts slowly but gains momentum through the performances of Abdoul Karim Konate as the titular Run and Isaach De Bankolé as the seasoned revolutionary who both helps him and uses him to further the struggle.

  • Inserting numerous beautiful, if trendy, lyrical interjections—a cloud of locusts consuming an open field, a night sky whose stars all synchronously fall to the earth, a massive symbolic elephant ascending courtyard steps—Lacôte locates a sublime beauty in the ascension from innocence to ferocity.

  • Lacôste finds ways to create visual interest and avoid conventional stagings of scenes, as in the low angle above that juxtaposes the hero with a looming, crisscrossing ceiling.

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