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  • As a film about people processing pain and grappling with illness, Silver Linings Playbook is less insightful (and more convoluted) than an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, and, as a romance, it's shrill and aggressive.

  • ...The plot is so congested and over-determined that everything else gets mulched, to the point where initial motivations have gone out the window and we’re left with the shells of the characters Russell seemed to be building.

  • Easily dismissible as award season fodder, David O. Russell's SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK is a brilliantly constructed romantic comedy that is free of the genre's typical gimmickry... De Niro especially delivers a near-perfect performance as a Philly patriarch with anger management issues, and his comedic timing is so impressive that this one performance will elicit forgiveness for several years worth of poor role choices.

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