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  • Cividino depicts the tricky male power games between the boys with tact and compassionate impartiality: Adam may be the “good boy” of the group, but he’s not averse to a little brattiness. All three young actors excel, convincingly negotiating their characters’ impetuous mood swings and surges of false bravado; newcomers Moffett and Serino return from the film’s shorter incarnation, while Martin makes a delicate impression in the feature’s most quietly complex role.

  • Sleeping Giant does a bang up job of capturing adolescent boys at their most goading, with Cividino drawing fantastic performances from his young leads and exquisite detail from their quotidian happenings.

  • And whereas he risks being overindulgent or overly demanding of his actors as scenes of the boys’ hijinks-heavy bonding give way to more acrimonious and sometimes more contrived developments, Sleeping Giant comes far closer than most teen-centric dramas to conveying the damage that young people can inflict on each other as they constantly jockey for power (in this respect, Moffett’s snotty bravura may be the film’s greatest asset).

  • The film has an incredibly strong voice and the performances from inexperienced young actors rings with raw authenticity.

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