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    Everything Is Cinema (book): Richard Brody
    May 13, 2007 | Chapter 22

    Though a minor effort, it nonetheless suggested an important new aspect to Godard's effort to fuse work and life: the "friends" it shows in conversation are Godard and Miéville, and the hard subject they discuss is the cinema... [The] ingenious and moving conclusion posed the question of working together against the background (as for Godard) of the mystical, mythical mechanism of the history of cinema or (as for Miéville) against the tabula rasa of experience.

  • A 48-minute video that's premiering in Chicago ten years after it was made, Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Mieville's Soft and Hard (A Soft Conversation Between Two Friends on a Hard Subject) is so far in advance of most films and videos made today about the essential properties of both media that it makes not so much Chicago but contemporary Western culture feel like an intellectual backwater.

  • By the time Godard starts castigating TV as the "usurper" that has displaced the movies, you get the odd sense of a man playing George to his own Gracie. Cinema, he complains, is "the only means I have to understand and change myself." In television, however, he's found a superb means to dramatize his condition—and ours. If the Jean-Luc and Anne-Marie Show ever went weekly it could be the most amazing story of all.

  • [It's a] fascinating, private portrait of the daily routine of the two filmmakers and companions... A kind of parody of French cinema's obsession with le couple and a candid self-portrait that extends some of the issues raised in NUMÉRO DEUX, SOFT AND HARD is requisite for understanding the project of Godard and Miéville over the past two decades.

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