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Swing High, Swing Low


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  • The story is thin, and Leisen’s exemplary visual flair, leftover from his days as an art director and costume designer, is muted by the locales (his tropics are far from lush, and the emotional restrictions of city life serve a superfluous metaphor). But the passion between Skid and Maggie is undeniable.

  • Aside from Charles Butterworth’s laconic obliviousness and a short comic turn by Franklin Pangborn as the head of the ship’s beauty salon, Leisen doesn’t make the screwball aspects of the film come to life, wasting Lombard’s considerable comedic abilities. But the glow of love on her face is more than skin deep, the defense of Skid she makes when Ella tries to put him down helplessly vigorous, and the hurt and tears that come when marriage ends before love does heart-rending.