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The 7th Voyage of Sinbad


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  • Juran’s direction is canny in his sense of event... The beauty of Harryhausen’s work always lay in the exacting sense of behaviour, the articulation and physicality of his figures, and the mischievous qualities of humour and sensitivity so often invested in them. It’s this aspect, difficult to describe, which helped them transcend the realm of mere effects and become creative visions.

  • The basic plot is kept along by brisk pacing, handsome production design and one of Hitchcock regular Bernard Herrman’s best scores, though fully aware that it’s aces up its sleeves are the Dynamation sequences or otherwise nifty effects, such as the set design of the interior of the magic lantern our Princess is captured within. It’s impressive, wholesome adventure filmmaking with a naiveté and unpretentious fun that’s hard to emulate nowadays.