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The Americanization of Emily


The Americanization of Emily Poster
  • Arthur Hiller’s direction, alas, is merely functional and often static, the fate of most directors who worked with Chayefsky, with the visuals usually being subordinated to the writer’s thunderously fluent speechifying and brilliant wit... At the same time, what is most striking about Americanization are Chayefsky’s words. The film is not anti-American, and Charlie defends America against European criticism by asserting that we never produced a Mussolini or Hitler...

  • Paddy Chayefsky’s screenplay—expectedly satirical—is an anti-war, anti-establishment tale in his undeniably vitriolic style. The words are timeless, whether it is the barbed cynicism of Charlie’s cowardice, or Emily’s dexterity and levelheadedness keeping this underrated film fresh and afloat decades later.