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  • Second viewing, June 2014: much better-looking DVD may have helped (thanks, Arrow) - but what really delighted me this time was the structural feint of abandoning the ostensible heroine (with her various dilemmas and frustrations) for an entire second act when it charmingly regresses into Nancy Drew adventure with a side of chaste teenage flirtation, only to return to push-pull neurotic dynamics in the final stretch.

  • In astute, luminous jaunts through city streets and parks, Rohmer constructs an exquisite web of coincidences that he elevates into a sort of destiny.

  • Rivière gives us a mischievous master class on how dialogue works: this isn’t two people talking but one talking while the other listens and then responds. In this 26-minute tour-de-force, she mostly lies in a bed in her tiny Parisian apartment, listening to François (Philippe Marlaud) and repeatedly asking him to leave only to allow him to stay longer each time.

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