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  • The question of whether there are political implications to the recurrence of destructive silence as a plot device, both here and in If I Should Die Before I Wake, is best left to someone with a better grounding in Argentine history, though I will note that, as in Hardly a Criminal, room has been cleared in the action of Barreto’s movie for an impressive nightclub scene.

  • Those with no interest in pedophile killers can content themselves with lush, shadowy photography, more old-school Gothic than Losey's L.A. locales, and the va-va-voom of Olga Zubarry, her huge, limpid eyes and her huge, limpid head, and the film's implied critique of the police force... The investigating prosecutor is kind of a dick, too. Zubarry's first interview with him is conducted in her dressing room and played almost as striptease, a subtler precursor to Basic Instinct.