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  • It’s a film which doesn’t leave the spectator unscathed: it drives you crazy. Moreover, it constitutes a special challenge to critics. It is rather symptomatic that a work of this sort has no right to even a single mention in the press. I would have to confess that it’s the film which has given me the most difficulty in my entire time as a critic. This very text you are reading strikes me as an impossibility par excellence – thus giving me extra motivation to write it.

  • The film may be thought of as a game in which the rules of narrative coherence and classical realism are gradually swapped out for a purely associative logic, making the viewer’s relationship to the film feel improvisational and contingent. Through the jokes, paradoxes, and multiple heresies of its complex fictional universe, The Blind Owl offers viewers the option of not having to know what’s going on, while still being fully engaged in the game of the film.

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