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  • Tribeca transformed Gotham Hall into a 360-degree screening space, with eight immense screens surrounding the audience and the electronica trio the Acid playing on a small stage in the middle of the room. Music is at the center of the event — both figuratively and literally — and you could almost mistake the whole thing for an intimate concert with some projected images. But that wouldn’t quite describe its eclecticism or ambition, or its surprisingly powerful emotional trajectory.

  • Composed entirely of archive footage, and presented at the Berlinale with a live music accompaniment by electro rock group The Acid, this one-hour assault on the senses is less about informing the viewer than about jarring them into the realization that we are no less safe now than during the height of the Cold War. As frightening as that sounds – and it should frighten you, which is the point – there is still an enthralling beauty to many of the images on display.

  • A bravura experimental mash-up of archival footage with a pulsating score by The Acid, showing the dangers of nuclear armament and the militaristic obsessions that drive it. It’s a sensory overload that was designed to be experienced from within, in a 360 degree auditorium with a overwhelming live score. Even in it’s lessened ‘flatter’ form, it’s still a riveting watch, and one that works as an aesthetic complement to Schlosser’s books on the subject, rather than just rehashing them.