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  • The drama becomes excessively detoured and is overrun by a stunningly impersonal political sentiment, complicated by a tensionless mystery element involving just how involved Sloan was with the Michigan robbery.

  • Can antiwar terrorism ever be justified if it prevents imperialist genocide? The Company You Keep isn't interested in any of the complex ideas at play in Sidney Lumet's masterful drama, although, coincidently, its title makes for a pithy review of Redford's effort.

  • Predictably, there is little excitement here. The whole film seems to be an excuse for Redford to do a bit of talking, and discussing, and negotiating. He explores the subject of the actual Weathermen group far less than he deals with the twin themes of legacy and memory.

  • ...Screenwriter Lem Dobbs and the director have an annoying penchant for reducing a who’s who of AARP-age actors (Sarandon, Nick Nolte, Chris Cooper, Richard Jenkins, Sam Elliott…Julie freakin’ Christie!) into mouthpieces for creaky, cranky leftist rants. Even LaBeouf’s shoe-leather wunderkind starts to seem less like a character and more like an opportunity for Redford to rail against the sorry state of the fourth estate...

  • Given the finger-wagging suggestion of its title, it's actually no surprise to find that The Company You Keep turns out to be politically chicken-hearted—the progressive cant we hear sounds idiotic, and political principles are seen as pathetic challenges to the demands of family and law and order.

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