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The Day I Became a Woman


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  • Cinema is a tool of revelation and in the right hands it can become a socially important function for change. It often gives weight to narratives that are invisible and lets you crawl inside the stories of people to share their struggles and triumphs. The Day I Became a Woman is a film like that as it tells the story of three different women in the middle east at different stages in their lives, and each story is powerful.

  • All three tales are both allegorical and sensual, and the leisurely pacing of the first is followed by the constant motion of the second. The Surrealist deconstruction of domestic space in the third brings all three characters together, and once again turns the censorship rules into creative opportunities.

  • Considered by many as a masterpiece of contemporary cinema, The Day I Became a Woman consists of three interconnected stories: a girl on the brink of ‘womanhood,’ a wife racing on her bicycle to escape the clutches of her husband, and an elderly woman indulging in things that she has once restricted. It’s a poetic and minimalist journey of girls becoming and women in stages of undoing.