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  • Obvious comparison with MAN OF ARAN, and I guess that was more poetic... yet this is by far the better movie, with a more convincing psychology (as in BLACK NARCISSUS, Powell knows that living at too-close quarters can make people a bit crazy) and the proof of a true filmmaker in the landscapes, the close-ups of faces, the technique (girl's face superimposed on the waves, man's face over memories of his life as he departs) and above all the dramatic detail...

  • It is a film about the beauty and sadness of obsolescence, with Powell patiently capturing traditions, accents and faces that would soon be lost to history. Though a work of fiction with a love story at its heart, Powell embedded closely with the local population in order to depict them as accurately, and lovingly, as possible. The result is a film of grand emotions, grander cliffside landscapes and a jeweler’s eye for local detail.