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  • The gags and performances in this movie are so broad I'd swear they must've been visible from the moon. Every line reading is underlined with a little wink or grin, just so nobody can possibly miss what's being conveyed. The myriad anachronisms and "rock" puns, which were already pretty lousy when first employed on the 1960s sitcom, feel downright unbearable when reheated for the '90s.

  • It's quite possible that when someone writes the history of the first hundred years of movies--a period corresponding fairly closely to the 20th century--two decades of that century will be singled out as the most artistically barren: the first and the last... The unvarying sitcom pacing of the [Flintstones] dialogue is relieved only by the equally unvarying music-video pacing of the leaden sight gags.